2963 - The road of humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the greek by Thanasis Christodoulou

Stavroula: Why do the gypsies don’t have a house?
Jacob: The world is their home.
Stavroula: And where do they live?
Jacob: On the road.
Stavroula: But there is nothing there!
Jacob: It is only from there that you can find that which you are not looking for.
Stavroula: What is it that I’m not looking for?
Jacob: The meaning of life.
Stavroula: What meaning of life?
Jacob: The journey…
Stavroula: The journey to where?
Jacob: You, will choose it.
Stavroula: What should I choose?
Jacob: Your life.
Stavroula: I don’t want to die.
Jacob: You die every day to live the next. Immortals have no future…
Stavroula: I like the future!
Jacob: Then you should learn how one dies.
Stavroula: The gypsies?
Jacob: All humans.
Stavroula: So the gypsies are humans too?
Jacob: What did you think?
Stavroula: At school, it is they who curse.
Jacob: What is cursing for you?
Stavroula: Bad words.
Jacob: Who decided that they are bad?
Stavroula: I don’t know. Society I think…
Jacob: Why does society forbid saying words?
Stavroula: Because it is right.
Jacob: If it were so, then we too would be gypsies.
Stavroula: Me, a little gypsy? It can’t be!
Jacob: Why? Aren’t you free?
Stavroula: I have a house.
Jacob: Do you have a world?
Stavroula: My house is my world.
Jacob: But the world is not your home.
Stavroula: But why?
Jacob: Humanity doesn’t stay within houses. It travels…
Stavroula: Is she a gypsy too?
Jacob: The gypsies show the road of humanity, and we see only the road.