29788 - The reintegration of Morocco to the African Union is a strategic goal

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

It’s possible to observe delays, even conflicts coming from the side of the countries which support an ideological policy, which hasn’t Africa’s future as its aim, because quite simply they prefer to function more as a gang, rather than for the general good, however it’s quite clear that Morocco’s reintegration to the African Union represents a strategic target.
By no means are we dealing with a local perspective, with merely a sole interest.
Morocco is African, not only through its geography, but mainly through its intertemporal history.
It constitutes therefore, not a partner by choice, but a true ally of the African Union.
It has a catalytic role to play regarding the promotion and the future of the African continent.
It is therefore necessary to overcome the obstacles of the diplomatic path, which make no sense whatsoever, from the moment that all the legal bodies of the Pan-African institution are respected.
The reintegration of Morocco to the African Union is not only a correction, but a real strategy for Africa as a whole.
In this manner, even States which are reluctant, for reasons which have nothing to do with strategy, they will see thereon the error of their positioning in regards to the matter, and they will be happy with the victory of the majority in the African Union, even in their very own country.
Consequently, it’s good to continue our efforts to make this strategic perspective a reality.