29858 - New success of the Cypriot EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

All those who haven’t yet understood the benefits of the concept of the EEZ both for Greece and for Cyprus, are recipients of continuous mental slaps on the face.
The phase change began with marine block 2 of the Greek EEZ and the triple consortium, consisting of Greek Petroleum, Edison and Total, it continued further with block 10 and the Greek Petroleum co, and now it goes on with the Cypriot EEZ.
Consequently, we will have the consortium of Eni and Total for marine block 6, Eni for marine block 8, and the consortium of Exxon Mobil and Qatar Petroleum for marine block 10.
This new success of the Cypriot EEZ goes to prove what occurs when strategy is associated with energy.
Because if we take a look at what is the outcome of politics and economy, we can see that they are always limited matters which don’t offer any development, nor any recovery of course.
All those who believe in their political party alone, are unable to help Hellenism.
Therefore, if we listen to them we can’t proceed.
Because it’s impossible to follow in the footsteps of persons who can’t free themselves from slavery.
Nobody forces us to accept the unacceptable for Hellenism.
Those who cause delays regarding the issue of the EEZ, will be accountable in the future and they will be condemned by the Greek nation. Because, the EEZ constitutes an element of the future of Hellenism.
And now that we have actual results with the marine blocks, there is no excuse whatsoever.
Consequently, those who are forcing us to take our own measures, are simply incompetent to see the future and we don’t need them in the least, and continuity will come to prove this point.
For this reason, let’s get prepared for the future, without any further politicking type delays, which offer no benefit to Hellenism.