30092 - The Greek EEZ against the misery of the ruling power

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

As long as we don’t see the Greek EEZ as a tool of recovery and development for our homeland, and we insist upon remaining attached to ideological restrains which belong to the past, then, there will be no progress before the next elections.
Because, when a system becomes self entrapped with it’s own mistakes, doesn’t change, and it continues with its barbarism to the very end, because it obtains no strategy to propose to anyone.
A free fall doesn’t constitute a strategy, but a despair, when you’re unable to do anything in order to in actual fact change things.
This is the problem of the politics of nihilism.
As long as it’s in the opposition, it can say everything and it may seem that its verbalism makes sense, but when it actually grabs the power as a government, then it doesn’t know how to propose anything constructive.
Through the Greek EEZ we have a criterion not only of evaluation, but even of axiology for governmental inaction.
We have now passed through all the stages, and there is no longer any excuse for any further delays.
Now it seems obvious to everyone, even to the most mentally retarded, that we haven’t anything to expect based upon this data, and that we must from now on begin to prepare ourselves for the next level which has nothing in common with the present.
The Greek EEZ belongs to our homeland’s future, but not this ruling power. It came as a movement of the past with outdated principles and will depart in the same fashion, having offered nothing but misery.