30277 - Target Locked in North Korea

N. Lygeros

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We don’t need any more to wait and see for the future. We got all the elements which are necessary not only for making a decision but also to act and save many lives. Nobody forces us to see the result of a nuclear war just because we let stupidity evolve with barbarity. There are already too many victims in North Korea. They were innocents and now after tortures many of them are dead. But with a nuclear war against South Korea just for the fun of someone crazy, the number of victims will be huge and this is intolerable for Mankind. So, we have to be prepared to do our duty before a massive attack. We know that the target is locked and nobody else wants to continue this foolish escalation. So, the problem is just to inform people that we have nothing to do with Koreans. In fact, the problem is unique and the solution will have the same property. It’s a point of strategy and a target for tactics. It’s dangerous to waste more time. That’s why we consider that the starting point is over. Because if we don’t do this, nobody else will. We have to protect Mankind and remove this danger over its head. We need to do only one thing now, nothing more, nothing less, because he will kill innocent people just to prove that he can do it. So, show him that we will protect those innocents from this criminal.