30464 - Let me ask you some questions. (with V. Baklessi)

V. Baklessi, N. Lygeros

– I’ m too emotional to write straight…
– But I’ m here also for you.
– This gives me great joy, great strength.
– This is our aim, disciple.
– You are an open source and you are reachable and heard from anywhere thought.
– But also right here.
– I’ m here, always, as a disciple.
– I know and I see it.
– This may be too simple for all that you are for Humanity. I apologize for each time I fail Her.
– No need, because you belong to Mankind.
– Time is with us, you teach us this well.
– Fine.
– This is another attempt to be with Him.
– Great.
– It’s your writing too.
– You mean the novels.
– Yes they call them like that. But it’s so true speaks to the heart.
– We always have this in mind.
– They are pieces of you.
– We give what we are.
– And we are pieces of them… so linked together in Time.
– The pieces of Mankind.