30527 - A human question

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– Do you believe that it makes sense to assert that we are an indigenous nation?
– Absolutely!
– Because I was wondering.
– Did you read the Rights of the Indigenous People?
– I think I read some …
– If you had read them, you would have been happy.
– Happy?
– Because you would’ve seen what we’ve already achieved.
– That much;
– Yes, indeed.
– I will read them then.
– And beware of your joy.
– You’ve got me startled.
– When you realize how many different nations fought for these Rights and at which distances they are situated upon the planet, you will change.
– Meaning?
– Could you imagine the Aborigines, the Maori, the Basques and the Armenians together?
– Of course not.
– Yet again they fought for years together.
– It seems unbelievable to me.
– But nevertheless that occurred on account of these Rights!
– I will read them then.