30544 - Some Light in the darkness. (with V. Baklessi)

V. Baklessi, N. Lygeros

-Tell me disciple.
-I have a question about the Knight.
-Everything we are reading and is taking place in the crypt is in the scholar’s mind?
-Not only. This is smart history.
-So the effigies hold this information in the code.
-Is the child who touched them, a key element?
-Yes, the key of the code.
-So the scholar, as a guide, is one who wants us to get
into the crypt and not get scared by every noise?
-This is one of his points.
-He is inviting or people just come out of curiosity.
-Curiosity at first glance…But there is also a
contact for rare people and a link elected…
-I see.
– You will see later.
-Should we use another text to understand the race?
-Just the previous one.
-So this is the next part.
-The continuity.
-Our Time.