30621 - Without a shadow

N. Lygeros, F.Stampolidou
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

luminous: Depth is closer to the truth? Even if it already exists within words?

Shadowy: No! Depth makes Truth seem brighter

but it’s always the same.

The dark one is for the rare ones.

The bright one is for everyone.

They observe the sun of the night.

They look at the sun of the day.

But the sun is always a sun.

luminous: Oh ! my goodness Master!

The suns of the night for the rare ones

who can see through the dark …

whereas the day ones for everyone …

Therefore the loan which becomes ideal,

are two words which belong to the suns of the night.

Shadowy: And now we’re at the crack of dawn.

luminous: I wasn’t aware that the night had so much light.

Shadowy: And the day so many shadows …

luminous: Meaning?

Shadowy: The shadows don’t exist at night.

luminous: They are obvious only during the day.

Shadowy: The light of the truth bares no shadow.