30832 - North Korea as a big problem

N. Lygeros

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According to North Korea’s intelligence agency, the ballistic missile launched by North Korea has a range of more than 2000 kilometers. This missile test as usual has been condemned by the United Nations council. But for the moment, this tension is not considered as a big problem even if it already is one. Because in reality, Korean people are not the only one who are afraid. And the reason is simple. The dictatorship of North Korea is as much dangerous as it is ridiculous. There is no substance in this ideology of destruction but the main aim remains the destruction of others and not only South Korea but all the enemies of this system of barbarity and first of all, United States of America. This means that the international sanctions are not sufficient to stop the development of nuclear weapons and we have to think already of the next step before it’s too late. North Korea is now a target for the fighters of Mankind because it’s a real big problem, which is global and not local. We know that citizens of this system of barbarity have great needs and we certainly have to help them. We can’t lose our memory now, we know what we have to do. So it’s nice to be politically correct for many but we have to fight because nobody else will do it. The target is locked now, it’s just a question of time. We have to stop barbarity.