30870 - Polycyclic Sequence

N. Lygeros, B. Tsatsampa
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Vasiliki: The liberation of Prometheus is the analogue to the Ascension?
Master: Yes, in the generalized context.
Vasiliki: And is what allows the change of cycle and not of phase and that’s allowing.
Master: Yes, it is a necessary prerequisite for the evolution.
Vasiliki: the reversion.
Master: Yes, as repositioning.
Vasiliki: Christ encapsulates Achilles, Odysseus and finally Prometheus.
Master: Yes, as a cognitive schema and in that order.
Vasiliki: Yes, yes.
Master: Achilles at 12, Odysseus at 30, and Prometheus at 33.
Vasiliki: Within us, Achilles, Odysseus, Prometheus, Christ and the polycyclic reversion.
Master: Yes, that’s why you like Bahai as a schema.
Vasiliki: “The prosperity of humanity, its peace and its security will not be feasible but only when its unity will be firmly consolidated .”
Master: Yes, it is necessary.
Vasiliki: It is what you’ve told us in Cyprus about Humanity …
Master: : Yes, exactly.
Vasiliki: Isn’t the prevalence of good one of our ultimate aims? The Aid; The Humanity and Time? Loving one another; Loving Humanity?
Master: Quite right, it is.
Vasiliki: Is it a mere coincidence that the headquarters of bahai is at the Holy Land?
Master: Not at all …
Vasiliki: Each time the circle changes, does it also become expanded as well?
Vasiliki: When Christ spoke at the synagogue – as a focal point and a recorded one, He was 12. At two … The earlier due to need?
Master: Yes, always.
Vasiliki: The dangers which exist against Humanity?
Master: Only they concern us.
Vasiliki: Is it possible for Humanity to be in need and for Time not to allow for it?
Master: Never, but simply barbarism may be an obstacle.
Vasiliki: But in any case will it find it accessible, or will they find it accessible?
Master: Yes, it is a matter of time!
Vasiliki: Genocides are an obstacle …
Master: The most substantial one.
Vasiliki: So that’s why it constitutes the first of the Rights of Humanity, in order for Humanity to be in accordance with its Time, ontology-teleology?
Master: Yes, exactly.
Vasiliki: The completion of the work: love one another, love Humanity.
Master: Correct, that’s what’s proper.