3100 - Mankind and Time ΙΙΙ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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If Mankind is too abstract a notion for certain people, it is enough for them to examine the hate of the social system against it in order to grasp its reality. Mankind is not another society. It does not replace any society, and the very thinking of this constitutes an insult against it. The social system since it attacks Mankind with a crime, it does not try to replace it, but to eliminate it. Thus, it proceeds with what it is called cleansing. It is about removing the stigmata of the past and the seeds of the future. Erasing rests in eliminating a culture, a civilization. Because, all of this is too much for a society where the present reigns. The action of Humanity is considered as the presence of an impurity. And, history is also among these impurities. For, history of society makes no sense in itself. It is nothing but a justification of reality. We used to say that history is written by the strongest. In reality, the latter ones are rather the specialists in erasing it. They do not create, they destroy. They do not preserve, they substitute. Because, in a certain manner everything has to be new in the social system. The explanation comes from the notion of immortality. As that is effectively inaccessible, the social system tries to create it by elimination. Nothing is modified, nothing is modifiable, because everything is perfect in the present. Thus, this ideal present allows an indirect access to a form of immortality. However, this immortality has nothing to do with time, since time is deprived of a meaning to it. Moreover, this immortality if it had been aware of time, it would have understood that it does not cease growing older. However, this concept is not attractive. The social system is always based on youth; because, on the one hand youth does not yet know and on the other it will never learn; and finally youth is a denial of the ancient. Therefore, one of the characteristics of humanity due to the existence of civilization is precisely the ancient. Because, only the ancient has crossed the time. The young has no temporal element. Without the tracks of time, memory does not deal with humaneness. The social system does not want Wiener’s machines, it prefers Turing’s ones and what is more it needs merely those that must reboot. It wants to avoid the temporal loops and those isolated from memory, because all of its power is based on the present and oblivion. Because for it, the present of oblivion is oblivion of the present. By conceiving that the social system, which is not realized only but contrary to Humanity, loathes time, we understand how important to Humanity this element is. In fact, as a temporal mosaic Humanity does not rest anywhere but on tesserae which constitute a group. If these are singularities, their relations produce an open structure which serves as the substrate of the existence of Mankind. For the social system mental models are targets. For Mankind these targets are the victims and the Righteous.