3103 - Mankind and Time V

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

We do not choose the society which we are born in. This truism forms the basis of many problems for humans. These problems are sometimes so important that we finally choose to live in this society without realizing that this is nothing but a survival in a temporal linear segment deprived of liberty of thinking. Then, the world is transformed into a Kafka’s universe where the incomprehensible and the arbitrary make the law. And even a Camus rebellion does nothing but displaying the importance of the absurd, even if its supremacy can be put into question by conceiving the existence of the absurd. A more human way to interpret this absurd consists of saying that it corresponds to accepting living in a society that we have not chosen and where everything is governed by the system. However, for humans the choice of living in this society is not necessary, much less indispensable. For Mankind, this choice corresponds to nothing; if not accepting the society’s supremacy on it. Becoming aware of not belonging merely to society already is a first step towards liberating the human from the yoke of the absurd. Rebelling by refusing the society’s dictatorship is only the second step. Because, it is then necessary to understand the necessity of creating for Mankind. Even if we represented Mankind only as a field, we would have had to understand humans as the collapse of their human wave function. In another context, we have to grasp the arbitrary of society in terms of positioning. Maybe we are pieces placed on a social chess-board, but we do not have to be interested in the phase of the game nor in which game we play in; but, we have to be interested in the players. A local vision of things does not offer many perspectives. Because, it has to deal with the problem of the horizon. Unable to see beyond, it considers that what is beyond does not exist. But, on the scale of Mankind, only what is beyond is of real importance. Accepting to belonging to a linear segment of time does not permit any tactic maneuver, let alone a strategic one. Whereas, conceiving the belonging to Humanity evacuates the problem of horizon. We only work in a context which is accessible merely through work. And, it is in this sense that the work creates the being. The being becomes human through its work which constitutes a contribution to Humanity. Thus, we enter the following mental model: a local impact can have global repercussions. Following the example of military strategy where a move is deemed good as long as it provokes troubles to the enemy – as chess player Emmanuel Lasker stated – we have to choose this time actions which have repercussions on Humanity, if we really want to become humans.