31041 - We need an effective strategy

N. Lygeros

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We need an effective strategy against the dictator of North Korea. It’s time to consult experts for the President of the USA to approach the issue in a rather different way from his predecessors because now the dictatorship is more dangerous and not only at a bad level. The opposition between North and South Korea doesn’t describe the entire problem. The situation is explosive if we can use this expression for this crisis. Because we are talking about a nuclear program with really dangerous objectives. The position of the USA is certainly clear but the problem is the way to negotiate the end of the process. Certainly the role of China is important and the USA should play with this at a very high level. A lot of intelligence is needed to solve the problem because it’s not only a new deal. So even if the President of USA is a great dealmaker the parameters here are much more complex. The game is certainly not a zero-sum but the players like Japan, China, Russia and of course South Korea are not necessarily ready to make the same decision. So the decision making in the framework of game theory should be relevant and robust. Because we certainly need at least a Nash equilibrium in this complex context because the Pareto seems to be obsolete. And North Korea is a too much of a hot player for a cold approach. By the way, we have to remember that game theory is constructed on the base of the rationality of players. And here we have a counterexample so a power game should be more relevant especially if we want to solve the problem in a proper manner and to avoid another step after the end of negotiation.