3107 - Mankind and Time VII

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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The war between societies and Mankind is essentially based on the following mental model: luck against necessity. Luck of existence and necessity to create function like combatants in a duel where everything is permitted. From a social point of view the end justifies the means. Society has never produced anything better than Machiavelli’s principle . As regards Mankind which is necessarily anchored in axiology to evolve, it is prepared for every sacrifice to cross time. The former fights against time, because it desires immortality. The latter acts with time, because it knows its ephemeral character. This paradox comes from the power of the weak who – despite the supremacy of the strong – manages to cross centuries by marking them with one’s own signature. Under the influence of fashion society cannot understand the border effect and does not manage to create crosswise temporal structures. It locks itself in an artificial tower which is nothing but an immense torture chamber from a human point of view. It attempts to put Mankind on trial, but it does not reach the conclusion of the castle. It creates a spatial empire and is in conflict with a temporal foundation. Incapable of managing time society is founded on space to sit on its supremacy. By absolutely controlling territorial space it believes that it is imposed on cultural space. Of course, it experiences difficulties with certain cultures that seem more resistant than other ones vis-à-vis these attacks. So, sometimes it decides to commit genocides in an attempt to make things straight. However, the human right starts having an impact on the domain of international law, which – despite Real Politik’s followers –is not merely based on economic power. In fact, the latter has no real sense but within society. For, Humanity has nothing either to sell or to buy. Thus, it is now possible to condemn genocides, these crimes against Humanity. Executioners of any society cannot any longer remain unpunished, because Humanity, contrary to society, does not forget. It might be hurt, whilst society is insensitive, but Humanity uses its wounds to write its history. Mankind’s history is certainly useless for society which only lives in the present, but it is exactly for this reason that it is magnificent. For, in a certain way, it is even more beautiful, when it is useless. In the context of this war between societies and Mankind, what is useful fights against what is useless, space fights against time, realities against a vision. And this allows us to comprehend how alone Mankind is. However, this solitude is also the characteristic of its rarity, if not to say its uniqueness. Like singularities and anomalies Mankind characterizes the noosphere as a cognitive generalization of Riemann’s theorem on manifolds. In other words, Mankind is equally alone as is essential. This is the very characteristic of its existence and not a result of fatality. It is the unit of an essential structure.