3110 - Mankind and Time X

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Society’s bureaucracy systematically seeks to erase the mark of humaneness in its procedures. It considers it harmful. Humaneness’ existence provokes emergence of sentiments which put orders into question. Yet, orders are society’s diktats. Principles must not be challenged by values. For, the latter ones are diachronic; thus, society cannot confirm its supremacy. It has to avoid a frontal opposition of Antigone – Creon’s type, even though it knows that it will emerge victorious from it. For, despite society’s victory, a new paradigm has been activated and its very existence reinforces the resistance mental model. Even though resistance loses at a synchronic level, it is not necessarily worthless at a diachronic one. As society is based on the domination of the present, it has to avoid sperms of the future at all costs. Future’s memory mental model is one of the most powerful in Mankind’s structure. Even creating a situation which could normally seem impossible, affects the future. Thus, confrontation between Spartacus’s slaves and the Roman Empire has left traces extremely harmful to society. In fact, individuals who could have existed only thanks to the entertainment, which they provided with the masses for the system’s security, were capable of revolting, of fighting and even of winning the battles. So, from a human point of view, there is an example to follow. For, it shows that revolt is possible and thus, that the system is not invincible contrary to what people, who constitute society’s masses, think. The subversive character of these paradigms is unquestionable for society. So, on the one hand it has to struggle to eliminate them from memory and on the other hand, to not generate them at all. For, society cannot have heroes, just gods. For, only gods are immortal. So, it is only they who can serve as an example. Whilst, heroes since they are mortal, cannot but be subversive given that they transcend their own condition to accomplish an achievement inaccessible to common mortals, i.e. the masses. Since they do not participate to the system, they do not have the right to act like this. Otherwise, the masses would have the right to dream of another thing. But, society is the only dream possible. Everything else is excluded, because society ‘s foundations are unique. The masses must live with a permanent hope of a better situation which can be provided merely by the system, which has to direct the masses in a way that they seek nothing but happiness. Any sentiment that does not correspond to this pursuit is a priori deemed subversive by society. Yet, the notion of sacrifice runs counter to happiness. Thus, society desires neither heroes nor sacrifices and the reason is simple; both cause memory phenomena. So, memory has the mark of humanity and time. Thus, bureaucracy has to try everything to forbid this. People are transformed into persons, persons into anonymous and anonymous into numbers. There is only one single hierarchy and it has to be absolute. So, it is linear. Society is nothing but a long queue whose head cannot be seen by anyone. Besides, this is of no importance, because what is essential to know is that the poison is in the tail, as Romans would say.