3117 - Mankind and Time XII

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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If Mankind is necessary, intelligence is a necessity. Unquestionably, our intelligence is nothing for the universe, but without this nothing we would not be what we are. The importance of intelligence role is so grave, because it is opposed to society. By nature, intelligence is a form of enclosed future in the past; thus, it can not bestow a real value to the present, which is a fundamental element in society’s structure. Certainly, pure intelligence without memory acquisition cannot reach but the stage of paradox and remains absurd in most of the time. Essentially this is the problem with the gifted children who end up cured, according to society’s terms, and never reach the stage of a gifted adult. For, the latter is deprived of a meaning, at Mankind’s level, if one is not gifted with memory. And this is only possible thanks to the passage of time. Whereas, time does not exist for society; which does not allow gifted children to develop themselves, because it merely delays their precocity. A shock or more precisely a phase change is produced when passing to the stage of an adult through memory. For, even if a gifted child was in disagreement with society, most of the time it has not enough convicting elements to accuse it. Whilst, a gifted adult cannot but accuse society and exactly this becomes a charge against the adult. However, we have to be aware that this phase change does not necessarily correspond to an adult’s classic age, in the sense that society understands it any way. For, time is not linear and even less when it comes to gifted people. So, intelligence is fire, whereas memory is a shock from strategy’s point of view. It is exactly this tandem that society is afraid of, because it is explosive for it. This temporal mix where the future is enclosed in the past radically delimits the present’s life duration and thus society’s supremacy. So, the latter one has to confront with individuals that know that it is not immortal despite everything said. So, it is obliged to make them keep quiet in order to prevent any flights over cuckoo’s nest. Thus, intelligence is a potential danger to society. As regards memory it constitutes a de facto resistance. What society must try to do is to break this front before it be able to take place and attack it. Like the bonds between the young and the elderly who transcend adults’ social conventions, intelligence and memory are by nature complementary to each other exactly because they are radically different. These two subversive elements for society’s dogma are basic components for Mankind’s notion. For, intelligence has nothing to lose and memory has nothing to gain. In this framework, both of them are susceptible to sacrifice themselves for Mankind, if they comprehend this entity’s reality, even partially.