31392 - The depth of the music

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

While they have the same position, suddenly the sound of a duduk is heard.

Olga : Did you hear that?
Lucy : Hear what? I was looking at the lake…
Olga : It’s where it’s coming from.
Lucy : Who? Him?
Olga : No…The sound…
Lucy : Does it speak to you?
Olga : I don’t know what it says…
Lucy : What do you mean? Does it speak to you, yes or no?
Olga : Yes the duduk speaks to me.
Lucy : Is something wrong with you? Why are you crying?
Olga : Now I understand it…
Lucy : And what does it say?
Olga : It speaks about us.
Lucy : How is that possible?
Olga : It speaks about the places that were wounded.
Lucy : This Park knows everything.
Olga : Do you think perhaps it isn’t only this?
Lucy : A garden is not.
Olga : And the other is a garden.
Lucy : Do you think it is the same…Now I hear the duduk…
Olga : At last.
Lucy : You know…how I sing…
Olga : Don’t remind me…listen to the depth of the music.
Lucy : As if we are in…