31396 - Even deeper

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Sitting at the limits of the stage.

Olga : So we died…
Lucy : It is not that which is most important.
Olga : Well, you don’t call it a detail.
Lucy : I mean it’s something different.
Olga : Say it then.
Lucy : We are here!
Olga : That is all?
Lucy : We returned…don’t you understand…And we remember him.
Olga : Meaning?
Lucy : Now we can search for him.
Olga : Instead of waiting?
Lucy : Exactly.
Olga : And he remembers us of course …Since he sent us the duduk.
Lucy : And probably he is already looking for us.
Olga : Since he knows that we returned.
Lucy : We simply have to get out of the garden.
Olga : And where do we go now?
Lucy : Deeper!
Olga : In the lake?
Lucy : The great one…
Olga : And there?
Lucy : We pass under.
Olga : To get to the island of remembrance.