31398 - At the island of remembrance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

In the middle of the lake, in the island of remembrance.

Olga : Is it here?
Lucy : After the stairs.
Olga : I see…
Lucy : Beauty here too…
Olga : But how?
Lucy : He told us that he did rehearsals here…
Olga : Gladly you remembered.
Lucy : He had noted it.
Olga : Are you ready?
Lucy : Now yes.
Olga : I imagine we are going towards the monument…
Lucy : Where else?
Olga : In any case I will ask for it…So you know.
Lucy : I know. We’ll do it together.
Olga : Nice! Let’s go!
They move towards the public…
Lucy : Towards the people…
Olga : He is always with them.
Lucy : It is greater than I thought…
Olga : You mean to say monstrous.
Lucy : It suits him then. They smile.
Olga : Do we say it? They look at each other.
Lucy and Olga : Here!
Master : At last!