3147 - Mankind and Time XVI

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Society is based on the notions of state and violence. It is for this reason that Prometheus is condemned by these two entities following the judgment of gods who represent the immortal society. Moreover, if the state is interpreted as monopoly on violence, we comprehend how natural it is for a society to become an authoritarian regime. Society’s viewpoint is the demonstration of state’s stability. In this framework, society cannot value the notion of people, because the latter one attaches importance to human beings, whereas society merely needs the masses. For, state’s stabilization is accomplished by the masses’ manipulation via the society’s system. The state corresponds to a society’s concrete realization. So, it can be based on the state to impose its dogma. By displaying the state with its geographic representation society exploits its supremacy on space. So, from this point on it can reinforce the system’s core by pretending that it is the only entity able to defend and control the borders. Thus, concrete realization allows not only arrangement of an official entity, but also reinforcement of its invincible character. For, attacking the official entity amounts to putting into question the state and its geography. Invincibility comes from the absence of attacks against the system. And this is exactly the impact sought by the social dogma. This phenomenon is quite visible in the phase of authoritarian regimes’ maturity. Since they come from a change of a brutal or subversive state at the moment of their maturity authoritarian regimes seem unchangeable. This could have been established even historically during the 20th century when the systems where massive. So, it seems that we have a phenomenon of critical mass from which any society necessarily transforms into an authoritarian regime. However, what happens with human beings in this rise in power? It is exactly they who thanks to their resistance and their sacrifice will question the system’s invulnerable character. Their awareness of belonging to humanity and their relation with time, allows them struggle against this official entity which constitutes authoritarian regime’s substrate, namely society. It is merely thanks to them that the authoritarian regime can collapse. They represent the sperms of humanity and time. So, they cannot accept the intolerable and barbarity of an authoritarian regime. The system is paradoxically aware of this. So, these men will naturally be the first victims of this struggle of power against essence. Also, they are by nature the first righteous men. Beginning with these sperms Mankind can defend itself against society of the present which denies the past and the future. The whole problem of this struggle is singularities’ capacity to produce an anomaly capable of making authoritarian regimes collapse. It is only in this way that the next humans can be liberated.