31580 - North Korea as a target

N. Lygeros

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There is no need to be upset with the dictator of North Korea to understand that now this country is a target for Mankind. Everybody knows the role of this barbarity in the region and the substantial efforts that we have to make to solve the problem. China doesn’t use, for the moment, its power to help the application of any resolution of the United Nations. The reason is not only ideological but also commercial. The problems generated by North Korea are serious perturbations for the evolution of South Korea. That’s why it’s not only a problem due to the memory of war in Korea or an analogy with Vietnam. The United States of America have the knowledge to avoid similarities. And we can see the starting point of a process of Nash equilibrium between South Korea and Japan with the help of USA with the pressure to China, which makes possible an action even from China to save the appearance of a deep strategy because USA can play alone in this battle field. So the choice is for China to play efficiently and put pressure on North Korea or give the opportunity to USA to have the initiative in this region. The crimes of the barbarity of North Korea are too many, even for China. And with the target, everybody has to choose its strategy to avoid a global conflict.