31665 - North Korea is a place of barbarity

N. Lygeros

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The dictator of North Korea is sufficient for nothing because obviously he’s not ashamed for his behavior. He used to be safe all this time, and like to send crazy messages all over the world just because he’s not afraid by anything or anyone. But this time it’s over. Too much is too much for the now government of USA. So the american decisions to be so close in the region of Korea, is changing all the situation. If the dictator really wants to do what he says, he will have big problems. South Korea and Japan already work as a team at the geopolitical level. China has to do something if it wants to keep some initiative in this area. The President of USA has locked his target. He doesn’t want to wait anymore because the situation will be more and more complex. North Korea is a place of barbarity due to this dictator. So, for Mankind the solution is obvious. Even at this formal level of the organization of United Nations there is a pretty good agreement about North Korea and especially about its dictator. So now with these new elements, the dictator will have to make choices and also his structure. More pressure onto him, means more pressure on his structure. No more games of power and propaganda. Now we are talking about real weapons with a real mission. And this one is freedom for innocent people. That is all.