31887 - American Tactics

N. Lygeros

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Great strategy is complex especially at long distance because the forecast needs many computations. In the case of North Korea, we are outside the field of game theory and power theory is necessary for the execution of the mission. It’s not a problem with only two players. Russia, China, Japan and South Korea are the others. China prefers to protect North Korea in order to create problems to South Korea first and Japan secondly. Russia wants to keep an indirect control of this region. The irrationality of North Korea has to be controlled in a more efficient way. The United Nations wants an equilibrium but it’s impossible to get a Nash one. So the idea is to push dominoes first in coalitions, second press the position on the goban and finally play the moves on the chessboard. The presence in the region is an element of perturbation for the system. So this one tries to react as a Wiener Machine. That’s why China changes its position and Russia asks to stay at the level of global moves. USA will be more and more in the region with the supplies of Japan and South Korea. For China, the presence of USA is more problematic than the existence of South Korea, USA plays catalytically to change the situation. The catalysis avoids the reaction with the catalysor. And all the elements are reacting. The american tactic is based on the following mental scheme: North Korea is the problem, China is the solution but at the second level. And Russia needs a new equilibrium and to avoid to give too much initiative to USA. The first part of the american way is done.