31940 - The role of Egypt

N. Lygeros

As Egypt is a double contact point for the Asia and Africa, it’s also a target for the south islamic bow. As Egypt is a junction point with Israel, it’s also a link that many enemies want to destroy. The power point of Egypt is the access to Mediterranean Sea exactly like Israel in fact but it has also the control of Red Sea. The strikes in the region are previsible but the structure is robust due to the presence of the desert because the front line is small. Egypt has an important role to play in Africa more generally but the connection with Asia via Israel makes the difference. In fact we have a similar situation with Morocco and Spain. This is due to the openings of the Mediterranean Sea to the oceans. As islamists avoid to play chess, they want only the activation of the connectivity with Libya and of course Algeria. In fact, they follow the same idea of the north bow targeting Central Europe. We can see that Egypt has to be protected from Mediterranean Sea to create a strong front line in this perfidious war. That’s why we need more stability in Egypt than an equilibrium which can be unstable. So the links with European Union via Cyprus and Greece are crucial. This means that the projects with the contribution of european countries and Israel are even more important than in the past. Because for Egypt this is an efficient way to acquire robustness and to convince partners to work in this country to create a new stream in Mediterranean Sea.