32711 - The Election of the Fourth Committee’s Vice-President

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The United Nations Fourth Committee in New York has just elected its Vice-President and it’s regarding Moroccan Yasser Halfaoui, an experienced adviser to the Permanent Representation of the Moroccan Kingdom.
This fact is particularly important because he is going to battle against the Algerian attempts to take advantage the Venezuela’s President’s presence, as Algeria would’ve very much liked to impose its perspective in regards to the Western Saharan issue.
Consequently, the outcome of this election is a failure for Algeria because it tried in every way to oust the Moroccan nomination, even though that came at a cost due to UN rules.
Therefore, the General Assembly didn’t fall into the trap and as a result Morocco received 88 votes against 58 for the Algerian candidate.
In other words, it constitutes a vote of confidence in favour of Morocco.
So, after Morocco’s reintegration into the African Union, this new diplomatic defeat of Algeria, represents the proof of its incompetence within an international context.
It should be noted here, that it’s accustomed to play on without negotiating, as it constitutes a system which violates the Human Rights.
The UN however are not naive, and so the mission continues on.