33935 - August 9th, the International Day of Indigenous peoples

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Since 1994, August 9th is the International Day of Indigenous peoples with the decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations. So the vision for the rights of people who live with their laws in their own land, began appearing and this first stage lead in 2007 to the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples. It is thus good to have this Day on our mind when we fight for the Rights of Humanity, while there isn’t yet the Day of Humanity, not even as a notion. Because we see for the societies, Humanity comes last, after the man, the woman, the child and of course the Indigenous Peoples who everyone had forgotten them for so many centuries.
This Day must be interpreted as a preparation for the next, as an intermediate stage for something which still seems unthinkable or a utopia to most who are unaware of the importance of this approach for the future. The indigenous amount to 370 million and live in 70 countries of the world.
Many thought of them as a negligible quantity in the past and others even now, but the manner in which we care for them shows also the level of civilization we have and how far we are from the initial barbarity and degradation of all peoples. So the International Day of the Indigenous Peoples in not only symbolic for us, it is tribute to the victims of societies of oblivion and indifference, it is a stigma of a change of phase and which prepares the change of cycle of Humanity as a continuation of mortality consciousness, of reflection and the rights.