343 - The dynamics of the insignificant

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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In our Cyprus, as like in any other country, the people assume that nothing can be done individually when the authorities have already decided on something.
This tragic mistake derives from the effect of its physiological and physical inactivity. The volume of the maze does not allow them easy and fast movements. But they should not forget that the same applies to the authority which works hierarchically and in a given context. Whereas the people are theoretically free, even when they feel besieged, as it is not required of them to follow a specific process in order to function.
In order for the move to be made a movement, it does not need to be massive in advance. All it needs, is a free structure so that it becomes altered according to the strategy its following . Every single person separately is actually insignificant in a state space. But every person has human relationships with its acquaintances that are more powerful than the politics.
Therefore, if there is a coordination of movements even insignificant ones, that can cause a general movement, which is the only able to change the course of the authority.
The internet facilitates this free strategy of massive pressure, as it connects people easier , not only geographically as in the past, but throughout the country. The contacts are no longer just local, but online. Thus, a series of moves can be quickly expanded into a space that it would be difficult to be controlled by the authorities. In this way, the people have a powerful organizing tool to positively pressure the authorities in a period of crisis.
The idea of the referendum on the Annan Plan is an old undemocratic method that uses lack of expert knowledge of the people in order to force them to make the last move in an unknown field.
But if the people are not coordinated and do not struggled to understand the essence of the plan, the Annan plan would succeed using the people as a large maze that has no initiative and would pressure them with the media available it obtains.
But if the people become organized and coordinated using the human relationships and those who know the situation in the occupied territories, others who have legal knowledge, others who are in the media, meaning, all those who do not want to bend over, then, a powerful multiple lobby will be created which will cause an internal pressure in order to resist external pressures and internal compromises.
The power of the authorities derives from the insignificant. Because the authorities can very easily control a maze which is not aware of the situation.
Whereas, if every person comprehends that is not unique in itself and yet significant with others as links of a chain, then the insignificant, due to its freedom, will be capable of creating a movement of the nation.
If they want to live free in an unoccupied land, a land that belongs to Hellenism even though it was hurt , a land that has a European vision.