34515 - The time of awakening

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Vasilis: When will I wake up?
Master: Whenever you want to.
Vasilis: That’s the problem.
Master: There is also a solution.
Vasilis: And if I don’t see it?
Master: look elsewhere.
Vasilis: Towards where ?
Master: Towards need.
Vasilis: But I don’t have a need.
Master: Because you have needs.
Vasilis: I didn’t understand.
Master: Then think.
Vasilis: I do nothing else.
Master: But do so with an aim.
Vasilis: I never had goals.
Master: This has changed now.
Vasilis: Why?
Master: Now you are a disciple.
Vasilis: Oh, I understand!
Master: The voice is not a logos.
Vasilis: Why?
Master: Because it requires music.
Vasilis: That’s what I want.
Master: That’s what you’ve got.
Vasilis: But I continue to sleeping on …
Master: You are not bothered enough by nightmares.
Vasilis: Yet again I do have them.
Master: You could’ve avoided having them.
Vasilis: If I chose to wake up?
Master: Exactly.
Vasilis: Then why don’t I do so?
Master: Because you’ve never lived.
Vasilis: But then when will I do so?
Master: After the awakening.
Vasilis: And now I merely exist.
Master: You’ve begun to observe its limits.
Vasilis: You are right, Master.