34785 - When the komboskini broke off. ( with V. Tsatsamba).

N. Lygeros, V. Tsatsamba
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: I was thinking of what they were saying about holiness.
Master: I know.
Disciple: How important was it for them, and they had you in front of them.
Master: Even them see intelligence first up.
Disciple: I understood it.
Master: They have a different background. We’ll see if they’ll endure evolution.
Disciple: Because it’s dogmatic.
Master: It reminds me of someone who was saying infront of a genius that he had never met a person which is gifted, and he in turn told him that in fact he would never see him.
Disciple: Because we see only what we understand.
Master: Exactly.
Disciple: Exceedance will be needed.
Master: Always.
Disciple: The broken komboskini.
Master: Correct. It broke off at that moment.
Disciple: This is a omen.
Master: But who saw it?
Disciple: I was there.
Master: I know … All three of you …
Disciple: Correct.
Master: You’ve been waiting for what already exists.
Disciple: Without seeing it.
Master: Because you are only looking where you know.
Disciple:Here is where Aghios Fanourios’ use becomes obvious
Master: Isn’t that the aim …?
Disciple: Serendipity.
Master: From the beginning …
Disciple: In front of us.
Master: And you thought it was a mere detail.
Disciple: And how many times!
Master: As many as the evolution requires.
Disciple: We are running behind schedule.
Master: Time is with us.
Disciple: But we must also be with it.
Master: That’s the point.
Disciple: Does it obtain endurance..
Master: uncountable.