34862 - Love of the Future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Innocent: Will you protect me?
Master: Always.
Innocent: Will you be telling me the truth?
Master: I have no choice.
Innocent: So it’s true ?
Master: That you were adopted?
Innocent: Yes, that.
Master: It’s the truth of course.
Innocent: Is that good, Master?
Master: You are the proof of love.
Innocent: How is it possible?
Master: Only love is capable.
Innocent: Capable of protecting?
Master: It’s pro Humanity.
Innocent: But I did not ask for anything.
Master: There was no reason.
Innocent: They loved me with nothing in return.
Master: Just for yourself.
Innocent: And so why do I feel like this?
Master: The truth embraces you.
Innocent: And what does that mean?
Master:: Oblivion departs
Innocent: Will I remember now on?
Master:: Even more.
Innocent: I want to know.
Master: You’ll learn.
Innocent: I always learn with you.
Master: We will continue on.
Innocent: Did you always know it.
Master: From the very beginning.
Innocent: And you loved me regardless?
Master: From the beginning.
Innocent: Why?
Master: Because you are here as a result of the love of Humanity.
Innocent: But they left me.
Master: Society has left you, and you were embraced by Humanity.
Innocent: Things are always simpler with you.
Master: It’s the light of harmony.