34938 - The non representativeness of polisario of the population of Sahara

N. Lygeros
Translated from the French by Vicky Baklessi

In order to be represented, one must have the choice of their representation because this cannot be imposed. It is for this reason that no dictatorship can be a representative of a people. It tramples the Human rights, it can torture it, it can submit it to its will but never represent it. A power that claims itself, doesn’t represent but only itself and when it pretends to hold elections while it controls in an authoritative manner without ever leaving the possibility of free expression, it doesn’t constitute but an tactical element within a barbaric strategy which doesn’t concern but the territory and never the men and the women which suffer by its dictatorial influence. From the beginning of its existence, polisario it wasn’t anything but a tool of false politics. It has not will of representing the population of Sahara. It uses the pretext of its existence to exploit financial and diplomatic resources. The polisario is nothing but an ideological error as an entity. It can convince neither the people of Sahara nor the international community on its objectives. It is more and more clear that this structure really mocks the existence of a people within this region. Its vision wouldn’t be different if it were inhabited. Also its principal function is uniquely capable in provoking locale frictions to destabilize the region. The polisario is not but a low-level collaborator who doesn’t have the scope to go beyond. He isn’t allowed to play but locally and this, thanks to a hidden source of financing mode allows him to survive without really living until he is depended to its source. It is even more interesting on a strategic level that this structure which constantly speaks of the independence of a people, is not capable of being so itself. The polisario has not but the status of a sub-fighter in a confrontation that far exceeds it because of the absence of it representativeness. The people of Sahara know exactly what they are doing with the polisario since the latter has never been able to be viable on its own. It knows that without financing he would have ceased to exist long ago. Therefore they don’t expect anything of this structure nor from his puppet entity. They have already made their democratic choice for their representative and this has nothing to do with the polisario. They are conscious this past error was nothing but a political manipulation which aims to contaminate the region without worrying about its fate. The people of Sahara that live in the Provinces of the South, have their own representatives. This point is particularly important since it constitutes the living proof of the non representativeness of the polisario with this one. Furthermore the evolution of the situation in Morocco like its reintegration in the African Union, shows the way to obtain concrete results, conclusive and reliable. Leaving a political enclave, Morocco, represents a strategic opening with clear prospective and its recognition over the international levels opens the horizons. The polisario is a structure of the past which doesn’t have future because it is within a state of emergency which without external support would be vegetative. Also the vision of the people of Sahara is already independent of this entity. In this sense, it would be good to realize it more formally in order to transcend the obstacles and permit a total liberty towards polisario. Its persistence to claim rights which it doesn’t represent, shows the limits of its game. The polisario is not but a subordinate actor who cannot claim anything national and international . Only as long as we do not realize its superfluous character, we give it an importance it does not have. The people of Sahara will be definitely free when the polisario will have ended because the people need to express themselves without fear without barbaric retaliation. The people of Sahara belong to Humanity and their Rights belong to the Rights of Humanity in the face of barbarity.