35288 - Before the Rights of Humanity

N. Lygeros

The Empire State Building was already illuminated with its colors.
Some clouds were above the town
just to prove the depth of the skyline.
He saw an airplane.
It was like a light spot.
He remembered not only the past but also the future.
The millennium was ready.
He had in his mind the spirit of Lemkin but also Tesla.
Both had made outstanding accomplishments for Mankind.
And both had helped innocent people in their own way.
At the General Assembly of United Nations,
he had mentioned the Rights of Humanity.
It was not only a starting point for the next steps but also
the continuity of his mentation.
Innocent people had the right to stay alive and not become victims.
This point was crucial in his mind.
Now the sky was different.
And colors changed.
On his floor it was possible to hear sounds of every part of the town
even if they were invisible.
Human invisible sounds.
Voices of Mankind.
Just outside.
He thought about their needs.
And after he decided to consider only one.
To help all of them: The need of Mankind.
So with the love of Mankind
he started to turn on the lights.
The suns of the night were here just above the skyline.
As promises.
Invisible candles.
Pure light for pure love.
It was time to start the fight.
Hammer Time.