35293 - If the flowers died in Paradise. ( with V. Tsatsamba).

N. Lygeros, V. Tsatsamba
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple:I thought of your question Master, regarding the flowers.
Master: If they exist in paradise?
Disciple: Yes, and I answer positively.
Master: Good on you.
Disciple: Won’t you ask me about the continuity?
Master: Act upon your free will.
Disciple: Fine. I am saying therefore. .
Master: Go on.
Disciple: I wouldn’t want them to live just momentarily.
Master: Not even seasonally..
Disciple: Because each one of them has its season.
Master: And its moment.
Disciple: I thought that immortality doesn’t necessarily mean …
Master: Immobility.
Disciple: Right. I’m glad you agree.
Master: I’m metajoyous for your joy.
Disciple: Afterall the soul is not immortal.
Master: But it changes polycyclically.
Disciple: And the body in which it exists constantly changes.
Master: That’s how you understood …
Disciple: That death belongs to paradise as well.
Master: It’s a cycle change.
Disciple: Because there is continuity.
Master: That’s the idea.
Disciple: After all seeds exist in paradise.
Master: Exactly.
Disciple: Then we do in fact live along pieces of paradise.
Master: You mean even right now?
Disciple: Yes that’s what I mean.
Master: The beauty of truth.
Disciple: So I thought about…
Master: The continuity.
Disciple: I now know why you’ve put the initial question across.
Master: So then welcome disciple.