35633 - The endless blue of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

With the signature re: marine block 2 in the Ionian Sea, the endless blue of Greece is no longer just a vision of a few people, but of an entire nation which has been waiting for so many years for a justification in this field.
Because, even though they were not aware of all the details, they knew that Greece had signed the Law of the Sea back in 1982, that it had certified that decision in 1995, and that it passed the 1995 Hydrocarbons Act, which it later amended in 2011.
It waited so many years for the outcome of the 2014 licensing round, as well as now for the 2017 results.
However the Greek nation can see that the endless blue of Greece has obtained an entity which in turn ought to acquire a teleology.
In this manner, the history of Hellenism continues on, since it always utilized the sea, not merely to escape from the enemies in order to survive, but also in order to prosper on account of the potential offered by it, to the nation’s intelligence through shipping.
For years on now, the nation suffers merely due of the inaction of politicians who didn’t pay any attention to the Greek EEZ, as they were not even aware of the subject, and weren’t asking advisors regarding it.
Now however, everyone can see the benefits, and the politicians will have a cost because they don’t utilize what the nation wants.
The endless blue belongs hereon to the history of Greece and not only that of Hellenism.
At last!