357 - Two horizons, one people

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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One of the hardest things that a human mind may break is neither walls nor a line, but its very horizon; the one separating existence from knowledge of existence; the one differentiating conscience from thought by creating this meta-entity, thought over thought; meta-thought. Even though horizon from the beginning may seem as a limit which a human cannot touch, it simply functions as a barrier in a unique framework. What one human alone cannot attain is an easy target for cooperative intelligence.
One of the most significant characteristics of the human is group spirit. And this capacity of it allows the attainment of goals remaining unachievable when we deal with them in an individualistic way. The same goes for the phenomenon of the horizon. For, each member of a group even though it bears its own personal horizon in thinking, the structure of total horizons shapes this invisible barrier causing exits to the systemic organization that it constitutes. In this way a group finds solutions easier to problems that are indeed extremely difficult.
Thus, we see an existential evolution through the entities of the individual, the total, the group ending up to the idea of a network. And the corresponding interpretations are the human, the mass, the company and humanity. The universality of the model allows other combinations. In this new framework the initial mass in the form of a people takes an initiative.
We see that in critical phases this structure of the people is organizing itself normally because it gains the capacities of a neuronal network. Each member of it by conceiving that it cannot by itself respond to an external provocation it links itself with the other members to succeed in something presumably inconceivable to the system. The absence of an initial structure offers the option of a new one which does not coincide with the data of the system. The mobilization of the people functions as an invisible tactics which transforms itself to a non-predictable strategy.
Even though we may interpret a posteriori the birth of the people’s Cypriot movement these critical days, it is hard even for the powers of the so-called neutrality to predict its moves. And they cannot any longer say that there is no people’s massive resistance. Nothing may now be ensured in a given framework for all the elements of it are dynamic and independent. Thus, in a strategic way this massive existence of resistance allows maneuvers to the governmental officials who now have an internal pressure which renders external pressures much lighter.
Even if this does not necessarily mean a generalized coordination, from a strategic point of view it offers larger possibilities. For, the people’s move is not a compact mass which could easily become a target, but a network of groups functioning by applying local initiatives. And we must preserve this non-hierarchic system of resistance until the achievement of our today’s unique goal: our membership to the European Union to touch another horizon later on: the Cypriot issue.