35830 - Signatures in regards to EuroAfrica

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Now that the final process towards the implementation of the EuroAsia Interconnector has begun, the signatures re: the EuroAfrica Interconnector come to enhance the entire context.
Consequently we see Cyprus literally been transformed into an energean hub on account of those two electric cables.
It’s no longer merely a vision, but it’s an effective interconnection of Continents

within which Hellenism plays a leading role thanks to Cyprus.
Greece, at a governmental level at least, is still trying to detect the range of the project, even though it consitutes a (PCI) Projects of Common Interest, for the European Commission, a strategic tool for Israel, an energean argument for Italy, and an extrication issue for both Cyprus and Crete.
The combination of EuroAfrica and EuroAsia isn’t merely an extrovert innovation but also one of an added strategic value.
The entire region is also becoming a durable junction, at an energean level.
We ought to therefore be even happier with the signature results since that constitutes a profound and objective support of the initial plan, which will obtain a payback in four years and will function for fifty.
Additionally, the EuroAfrica Interconnector cable utilizes the 2003 and 2012 EEZ demarcation agreements between Egypt and Cyprus, which constitutes an example to be followed.