35888 - North Korean barbarity has to be stopped

N. Lygeros

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We are still waiting to react to the acts of North Korean barbarity even if we see that there is an evolution of its missiles. Now it uses an upgraded intercontinental ballistic missile able to reach a height of 4475 kilometers which is higher than ever before, and to splash down off the Japanese coast in fact within its EEZ. Now it’s relevant to stop efficiently this provocation because the words of China or Russia are only diplomatic with those missile tests. But everyone can see now that the target of this kind of barbarity is USA and not only South Korea. In fact we have already waited too long and we have to solve a bigger problem. This is not anymore a question of defense of innocent people. Now there is a real danger even for USA. So the diplomacy has to be upgraded because words don’t stop missiles when they belong to a state of barbarity able to destroy lives only to prove the correctness of its empty ideology. South Korea and Japan are in danger but now it’s also the turn of USA. This is a new step in this North Korean barbarity because USA are the core of the defense and if USA don’t protect efficiently Mankind nobody else will do it in this context. That’s why now we need a precision missile strike drill against barbarity.