35913 - Two farmers after the prayer

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Fotini: Have we finished?
Christos: For today.
Fotini: And tomorrow?
Christos: We’ll be here again.
Fotini: With a prayer …
Christos: It’s that which gives us the time …
Fotini: Is it the Time itself?
Christos: It’s our Church.
Fotini: It’s hereon the same thing for us …
Christos: Ever since he was sacrificed for us …
Fotini: I like the sound of the bell ringing.
Christos: It’s as if it’s talking to us …
Fotini: It’s so clear …
Christos: Just like our lake.
Fotini: And round …
Christos: Like a drop of water.
Fotini: Each time I listen to it, it gives me joy.
Christos: And to me as well.
Fotini: And so there is music for us also.
Christos: The bell ringing is for the poor.
Fotini: Why shouldn’t we have the right to music as well?.
Christos: We do, and it’s sacred.
Fotini: That’s why I’m joyous each time.
Christos: Because you hear that we made it.
Fotini: We made it?
Christos: To defeat the barbarians who wanted to exterminate us …