35975 - The new hydrocarbon licensing round has began

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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From the 2nd of December 2017, the new hydrocarbon licensing round has began regarding the Ionian Sea, south of Peloponnese and south of Crete.
Consequently we have in actual fact reached up to the vision of the Greek EEZ .
Who could now challenge this reality?
Nobody at all.
Because quite simply the licensing round itself disarms the most disbelieving ones.
We are now counting down from the 90 days of the final submissions, and then the 60 days waiting for Greece’s response, as it will be Greece who will be choosing with which consortium it will go to negotiations with, which in turn will result in signing a contract.
Additionally, the Regions will move within this context as well, as they will be entitled to 5% of the Greek state’s earnings.
There ought to be therefore a coordination between national and regional levels.
Greece is writing a new page and this is is applicable to both of these levels as well.
Now, any delay will carry a cost, and a political cost at that.
It is therefore important that everyone becomes informed in order to effectively play their role in this great matter which gives enormous prospects to our homeland and to our nation.
Now, even every associated municipality which will play in this energean game, ought to be informed in order to make the right strategic choices for the future.
Because we are now referring to something which will concern us for at least this eon.