36047 - The Recognition of History

N. Lygeros

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The Recognition of History is not a problem of diplomacy but an act of Justice. There are no lies in Chronostrategy because Time is with us. And if we are with it, we can see the future even in the past. A Democracy has to be tough against ignorance and barbarity. Diplomacy can avoid to see reality but we see the reality of diplomacy. It’s simply inevitable to wait so many years after the Genocide to see the reality of the past and to realize the future of History. But it’s true. So many people were waiting for justice for decades but now the next step is done. Any country has the right to have a capital especially if this one is the center of its History. Because Peace without History is only pause not a state of stability. Peace has to be robust because it’s the only way to belong to Mankind and this is possible. A capital is not a problem of geopolitics but a continuity of the History. The only point which is relevant is the question of Time. The occupation of a territory is not a justification because a land can’t create a nation. A nation needs History. If we keep this in mind, every step in this direction has a makes sense in chronostrategy even if this seems quite strange in geostrategy but the implications will show the path after the bifurcation that’s why we have to fight for Justice.