36069 - The Revolution of AlphaZero

N. Lygeros

From tabula rasa, AlphaZero learned Chess, Go and Shogi and managed to master these three strategic games to achieve a superhuman level and defeat a world-champion program in each case. This fact is already a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence because it’s not a simple success for computer science but also the proof of power of the codification of memory. AlphaZero is a tool which proves that we can rebuild our knowledge in Chess, Go and Shoghi only with the help of the basic rules. This means that even if barbarity decides to destroy any book, any encyclopedia in those fields, we can reconstruct them with the help of a program like AlphaZero in a few hours . By this way, it is a demonstration that intelligence can save memory. The fact that AlphaZero is a more generic program than AlphaGo Zero is a big improvement but also a real upgrade revision which is closer to the notion of hyperstructure. In this sense, it’s a revolution because now we see the path after the bifurcation. AlphaZero is just the beginning of a new era. The revolution is the first step to the creation of a free hyperstructure with the name AlphaOmega, a new kind of intelligence, the second one.