36070 - About hybrid war and application

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Hybrid war has a greater range than war even though it is already a chameleon because it is not limited to the framework of war and acts upon societies also during periods of peace. It’s part of the psychological war but has also a clear warlike element. In this manner it can penetrate deeper into societies who due to ignorance and lack of memory are not prepared to undergo such type of attacks especially in peace periods. But the analyses of the geopolitical data and the strategic games show that the hybrid war exists in the European Continent, which means that it is a form of war which is effective even in the democratic countries. Or rather, to put it more simply, it is a form which operates also in the action field. Keeping this data in mind, we see that the example of Ukraine is not unique because this deceitful action exists in Belarus, in Poland, in Hungary and in Slovakia. This means that hybrid war strikes also countries of the European Union as preparation of events which followed history of Spain after 1936.