36071 - False myth and propaganda

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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An effective propaganda of future is always based on a distorted approach of history of the past. So in order for this to be established it needs at least a false myth in order to start the dissemination of misinformation. A classic example by now, is the reexamination of history after the collapse of the Soviet Union in order to support new positions of Russia, in order for intervention of hybrid war be justified, Ukraine and Belarus consist of the same people and not only a trinity where Russia has of course has the upper hand. Practically this means a form of activation of panslavism which of course erases national borders since we speak of the same artificial nation. In this manner Russia tries to keep under its yoke and not only under its auspices the other two countries so that there isn’t any approaching from other state-members of the European Union. With this notion they explained the natural gas pipelines of brotherhood . But the latter not only tries to impose with great cost but wants to show that the source in the end if of course always Russia. But this false myth doesn’t belong of course to the history of Humanity. This is why knowledge protects us from propaganda.