36134 - The government’s only solution

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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One way which would change the actual data for the government is the utilization on the Greek EEZ in the hydrocarbon sector. This seems to have been perceived as such by the Minister of Energy, who still remains unacknowledged, and he will surely need help to overcome the obstacles set by the political party henchmen, because they only examine the public opinion polls. That’s how they realize that there is no context for more action due to the expected defeat at all levels. They come to realize that the experiment of incompetence and inefficiency is coming to an end, because quite simply the nation itself has come to realize it. There is no saving whatsoever. Besides, who would’ve believed it. Consequently, because they follow schemes of the proletariat dictatorship, at an amateur level of course, since even this sector is not within their range of power, the only solution for them in order to save their position in power is to enter the action field of dictatorship. The recruitment of people in the public sector is just the beginning, so that there is no hiccups in the decisions which will be taken, since it is a good way towards the creation of dependencies. Because when someone sees no way out of a situation, they will fight to the very end in order to save his skin, even if that has little value.