36871 - The dominant strategy of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Many people try to convince us that Greece cannot do anything for the question of Skopje. They do it either due to ignorance or due to propaganda. In any case they are making a strategic error. Skopje with the errors they are making haven’t managed to open even one of the 35 chapters which is required for the accession process and for this reason it is the most delayed candidate in the framework of the European Union. Both NATO and the European Union will not infringe on a state member which has a right of veto in order to please a candidate country. And NATO and the European Union don’t want to have within them a geographical hole which creates a strategic weakness. Therefore, if there is a country which they could put pressure on, it would be Skopje and not Greece of course. As far as the name, an intervention to the United Nations would make sense if there were real will. In reality, Greece can lose if and only of she makes errors of her own. In fact it is what Skopje is expecting because they don’t have any strategy that can win. So if the power of Greece shows that it is in essence vulnerable and demonstrates a move of compromise as an act of bravery, it will surely create an opening for a tragic error. For this reason the Greek people has to resist so that they don’t get into a trap which cannot be corrected thereafter. This is the meaning of the rally in Thessaloniki.