36877 - The White Tower Rally

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Years back, we were told that the rallies are useless, but we didn’t believe them, and so we went together with others to fight side by side against the barbarism of oblivion, and so the incredible did occur. The Rally altered the data, because those who assumed that we were indifferent towards their movements, saw through our actions that they could not do as they liked regarding our name. Likewise now, the White Tower Rally, where the voice of Greece and the history of Hellenism will be heard, is a democratic way for every Greek to be expressed in actual fact about his desires and his values, ​​so that he could say “I was there as well” at this historic rally. Because he will put his point across during the dialogue, because he will not be indifferent, because he will not allow the political power to negotiate regarding the substance of our history. The White Tower Rally will belong to our history, consequently everyone doesn’t only obtain the right to history, but also the duty to fight for it. Macedonia is not only geography, but also an enormous part of our History. Therefore, fighting about the name is proof of the continuity of Hellenism.