36953 - The inadequate argument

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Many assume that the Skopian issue has in actual fact ended because many countries have recognized Skopje with the usage of the word Macedonia. In actual fact, this argument is mistaken, as the only institution that a country could be recognized by is the United Nations and no one else. Because many countries are able to recognize one another for internal reasons, and their foreign policy is dependent on these data. As many as these recognitions may be, they don’t change anything at all. Whereas, even if these recognitions didn’t exist so to say, and the UN decided to result to the recognition, then, and then only would the issue have ended, but a tangible example is that of Great Britain, which is world wide known with that name. But ever since 1973, when it joined the European Union, it was forced to make use of the name United Kingdom, because France had vetoed because of its region Britain situated at its north. Consequently, in order to avoid any confusion, this differentiation has taken place and is now its official name. We therefore see, that even in a case of a historical example, the European acquis didn’t of course violate a Member State in favour of a candidacy. A battle is lost only when we ourselves think that it’s lost. In regards to the Skopian issue, Greece has a dominant strategy, and if it doesn’t result to strategic mistakes, it will overcome all of the problems.