36966 - The branching out of the Historic Rally

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Even as from now, the branching out of the historic Rally at Thessaloniki is already obvious, because we see a phase change in the political field, through both the ruling power and the negotiations. Consequently, this battle which they’ve tried to discredit, to cancel and to minimize, has in actual fact become the reference point in regards to the continuity and the developments. Even the fact that its existence is mentioned, even if only to say that it will not affect matters. In actual fact, the Rally has even affected Skopje who is now forced to make reference to it, and in that manner to make it obvious that finally there is a resistance in Greece when we become recipients of unacceptable demands regarding our history, which in fact constitutes our borders. The branching outs of the magnitude of the Rally are already obvious at all levels of the political and the national spectrum. Nobody can now say that the Greek nation is compromised and is about to accept everything. Some were under the impression that everything could occur when there were financial difficulties, yet again Hellenism didn’t go one step back. As a result, we are entering new dynamics with prospects for the future. The briefing should also take place at both NATO and European levels so that nobody would expect a simple and easy settlement with the consent of Greece, and that contacts should take place with Skopje as from now, in order to prepare a field which has nothing to do with the impressions created prior, re: a context of trust, because things have changed and new directions have to be formed.