36968 - Speech at the Historical Rally for the Skopje question in Thessaloniki. 21/01/2018

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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If someone tells you again to take away from here the flags, ignore them on that. Speeches don’t matter. What matters is your presence. You are here, you are a people. We only help. So I don’t want to hear such things. Remember, here what matters is that Greeks invented strategy as many as our enemies may had been. And know that we believe in Him and report to him. Nobody else, so don’t get mixed up. What you must understand is that they have told us of pressures, there are no pressures, there are excuses. There is nothing that cannot be avoided. We have dominant strategy. If the greek people don’t make a mistake, it’s us who will win. And know one thing, political parties when they make mistakes they leave, governments when they make mistakes they fall. Hellenism has never fallen and neither will he. Remember that we will be here even after, because they will have left, assed out, because they don’t know what to say. We will be here after the ideologies, after the political parties, after the governments. Hellenism will stay here, because this is his land. We are a people of history. Nobody can touch it, because we are of Hellenism. We are not only Greece, Hellenism is everywhere. It is a gift of Time to Humanity. So don’t be confused, we don’t do it only for a local reason. Our borders are our History. Nobody has the right to touch it, whatever anyone says. Hellenism doesn’t have a serious state. Hellenism will never have a serious state, because we go along with values and not with principles. If they agree with us then we go along with them. If they don’t agree, again we are here to tell them that continuity will be done with us. We will not stop this struggle. It is not the end. Know that Skopje, if we don’t want it, they will never enter the European Union, they will never enter NATO. Things are very simple, don’t be confused, and don’t let anything affect you. We have dominant strategy and we will prove it. There are some that tell us that so many countries have recognized Skopje, it is a mistake. It is only the UN that can do it as many as there are. Remember that which Ritsos said and from what I understand he wasn’t of the right-wing, he said “In order to be kneeled you have to kneel.” We never learned that, we don’t kneel, we don’t drop our head, we are here standing upright, straight forward because we are of History.

Be well.
In good continuity for all.